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Radisys Announces Availability of Industry-first Release 17 Compliant 5G NR Solution

Radisys Introduces ReachPoint Indoor Navigation and Geo-Location Services for Enterprises

Radisys Achieves 2Gbps+ Data Speeds with Advanced FWA FR2 SA Solution on Qualcomm FSM 5G RAN Platform

Radisys Introduces Programmable Media Analytics to Monetize 5G & Edge Cloud Applications

Trillium Software Portfolio

Our proven Trillium Protocol Software is an extensive offering that spans from the access network to the core. We also address value-added applications that enable the optimization of bandwidth and maximize the life of networks, such as monitoring, ID catchers, lawful intercept, and load balancing.

Comprehensive Trillium® Software Spans from the Access Network to the Core

Small Cell Protocol Software for 3G/HSPA+ Networks: Our 3G small cell software solution helps traditional network equipment providers and device manufacturers to deliver their own 3G access points with minimal upfront investment and rapid time-to-market.

4G/3G: Market-leading and award-winning Trillium LTE software enables customers to deploy all sizes of LTE base stations — from femto to macro — and the entire Evolved Packet Core.

EPC/HeNBGW/HNBGW A solid, high performance solution for virtualized EPC, HeNBGW, HNBGW with protocol stacks and application framework: SGW, PGW, MME, HSS.

IMS/VoIP: We offers a complete portfolio of IMS software with a unique blend of products, services, and experience.

SS7/SIGTRAN: Trillium SS7 (Signaling System 7) software source code solutions enhance and extend the signaling capabilities of next-generation telecom network devices by enabling superior availability, performance and scalability.

Binaries: Trillium+plus binary protocol software products enable network equipment providers to get to market faster with reduced development costs, project risk and complexity.


Open RAN

Open RAN or O-RAN refers to a Radio Access Network (RAN) which is open, intelligent and deployed on a virtualized platform with high flexibility.

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Small Cells

5G small cells enable added capacity and coverage for networks both indoors and outdoors. Our 5G small cell software solutions support both sub-6 GHz and mmWave bands and leverage the Small Cell Forum’s FAPI and nFAPI open interfaces.

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Private Networks

All traffic types generated within a private network are processed locally, ensuring high security, data privacy and latency-sensitive applications.

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Multi Access Edge

Radisys Edge offerings to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs by leveraging a full cloud native solution for virtualized or containerized deployment.

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CBRS is a new shared spectrum that is making private LTE and NR networks more economically and technically feasible.

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