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Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Radisys to present at MWC Barcelona Feb 26th- 29th, 2024. Visit our NetART showcase at Stand 2D50

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TMCnet has named Radisys' Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant as a 2023 Voice Technology Excellence Award winner.

Communications and Digital Engagement Solutions Built to Scale

Automate customer care with highly accurate tools and bots that provide a personalized, consistent, and world-class customer experience (CX).

Digital Customer Care

Reduce Agent Load with an Extensible Application

Automate customer care and reduce the load on agents with an efficient chat-based solution.  Engage@Work enables the integration of chatbots within channels to optimize workflows as the bot addresses routine questions and fewer interactions are directed to customer care agents.  Simultaneously the bot connects with the CRM to track the customer’s information.  Engage@Work is an extensible solution that brings together all communications and digital engagement in a single application to help enterprises and contact centers simplify their customer care.

Automate and Simplify Your Customer Care

In a fast-moving world where consumers expect connected everything at all times, why should customer support be any different?

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Key Benefits

Digital Customer Care

Speech-Enabled Self-Service Automation for Digital Customer Care

Break free from the limitations of traditional IVRs that cannot solve today’s intelligence-driven customer care centers' needs. Create an authentic and engaging customer experience with speech-enabled self-service automation solutions that reduce operating costs and create pleasant, friendly, and productive customer interactions. The suite of Engage intelligent virtual assistant solutions offers a flexible system to tailor customer engagements in various ways. From providing speech-enabled programmable IVR functions to handling highly complex support scenarios with a video-voice-text-based conversational AI bot, our solutions enable premium omnichannel customer engagement.

Radisys Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solution

Boost customer experience and improve contact center efficiency.

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Key Benefits

Brand Engagement

Conversational AI-Based Automated Brand Engagement

Showcase your brand with an extensible solution that brings together omnichannel digital engagement under one platform. Differentiate by enabling automated yet personalized interactions with trusted corporate faces or brand ambassadors while maintaining the brand’s authentic tonality, attitude, and style. Enable your customers to learn about new products, promotions, product offerings, and updates over the interactive video, voice, or text-based virtual concierge service on any channel – web, mobile apps, and telephony. 

Finance Use Case: Engage Video Assistant Bank Loan Bot

This finance use case for the Radisys Engage Virtual Assistant demonstrates how a video call with a bot can easily and effectively answer customer questions with a personal touch.

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Key Benefits

Brand Engagement

Interactive Messaging Channels for Brand Engagement

Reach your audience through compelling, engaging, interactive channels that are as distinctive as your brand. Engage@Work is an agile and robust application that brings together communications and digital engagement in one application. Immersive channels provide two-way interactive communications that are secure, reliable, and easy to administer. Engage@Work helps keep your audiences connected and informed with multi-media content that is accessible from anywhere. This all-in-one application fosters efficient, time-saving communications to promote meaningful brand engagements.

Brand Marketing - Interactive, Secure and Reliable Digital Communications

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Key Benefits

Community Engagement

Multi-Functional and Authentic Community Engagement

Broadcast meaningful content one-to-one or one-to-many and deliver personal customized user experiences quickly and easily with Engage@Work. Create authentic connections with users via an all-in-one multi-functional application that fosters immersive and interactive engagements. With integrated notification, file sharing, video streaming and other capabilities Engage@Work goes beyond the limits of traditional communication apps. With enabled micro app support, third-party content can be launched within Engage@Work, further extending its utility. Discover the many ways that Engage@Work can improve community engagement.

Community Engagement Made Simple

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Key Benefits

Team Collaboration

Secure Channel-Based Team Collaboration

Collaborate with a digital engagement solution that is secure and scalable. Fully encrypted messages, group chat capable of supporting large member groups, audio and HD video conferencing, and two-way public and private channels are drivers behind this highly interactive and agile solution. With extensive API support, multiple deployment options, and intuitive administration tools, Engage@Work is an efficient and cost-effective communication and digital engagement solution. No other application is as comprehensive.

Secure, Reliable, Real-time Communication and Collaboration

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Key Benefits

Employee Engagement

Customizable Platform for Employee Engagement

Broadcast messaging for large groups, collaboration with enhanced messaging, and file sharing and voice notes are just a few of the ways that Engage@Work keeps employees connected and informed.  Engage@Work streamlines employee communications with its comprehensive all-in-one design and minimizes operational workloads with its simple backend interface capable of supporting many users.  Employee communications and digital resources are easily managed via an online web portal or an internally hosted portal.  Engage@Work is a flexible and fully customizable platform that is more extensible and cost-effective than traditional enterprise communication offerings.

Workforce Engagement and Internal Communications Made Simple

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Key Benefits

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